Monday, November 1, 2010


My Mom had her garage sale on Saturday. She cried alot...but I got her to laugh a few times. I told her I felt like a one man show :) But I am so excited as I convinced Jimmy to let me take my grandmother's hutch since my Mom could not keep it. And so in the next week we will go and pick that up and the antique ice chest that I am getting as well. I can not wait. Sunday Jimmy and I rearranged our entire house getting ready for those pieces and setting up the pieces that his Dad had given us from his old partner's office. Everything is starting to look really finished and I am loving it. We moved our leather couch/chair set into the family room. We're giving Michielle (one of my sisters) our old couch from in there as well as an hour glass mirror and this huge sale boat. She will be thrilled. We still have to pick out a new dining room table. Got the chairs, but haven't found the "right" table. We just have to have the tim to look. And Jimmy needs to move the new desk in and I'll have to transfer the drawers over. Then it's just picking up the two pieces from my Ps' house and setting them up. Have not had the time to decide on what I want to put in the hutch as yet. Maybe my glasses, which would create some more space in my itty bitty kitchen, which is always good. Decisions, decisions.

On another note. Jimmy and I were talking in anticipation of our RE appointment tomorrow. Since we our OOP on anything that we do. We might suggest to the doctor bypassing IUI completely and moving directly to IVF. I have watched so many of the girls struggle though 5/6 IUIs with no success, but have seen so much success with the IVFs. And since my Grandfather is giving us the money, I would hate to throw away the chance at the funds for the IVF on IUIs that might not work. I think we might be better off to see if he'll pay for one IVF and see what happens. But we're whating on what the doctor says.

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