Thursday, October 28, 2010


I don't even know what to say in an update. My MRI results came back yesterday. Along with degenerative vertabrae between Vertabraes 2 and 7 (my fusion is for 6 and 7)...I also have lesions on my spine. I am now going back on Monday to have an intricate brain MRI done to see if they extend to the brain. I asked the nurse who called me some questions and she said, "I'm not the one to ask". Um, then should you be the one to call? I tried googling lesions, but it only made me more scared/freaked out. So I have stopped until I have an actual diagnosis. I heard from my nuerological surgeon who did my fusion, but he can't see me till December 10!! I asked the nurse if that meant that it wasn't serious and she said, "He hasn't even looked at your report, that's just our first opening". So if the brain MRI comes back "bad", I might have to go to another neurologist. I always tell Jimmy that he needs to take me out back and shoot me like a lame horse. The poor man got a lemon!! But he inssits on keeping me around. Got to question his sanity!! But usually I just thank God for his loyalty :)

So for those who have trouble keeping up with my out of control medical brew ha ha. That means I go for a brain MRI on Monday and to the RE on Tuesday. I believe I have a dental thing in there as well but it might clash with the MRI...I'm waiting to hear from the receptionist on that. Is my life ridiculous or what? Not sure how much more I can take!!


  1. I have been thinking of you non-stop, and will continue to send those positive vibes your way! Love ya.

  2. T&Ps for you Heather. Sorry you're going through all this mess.