Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yup...again!! So I put in a call to the RE's office to see what happens regarding meds and such for this cycle. I made an appointment for them to take another million viles of my blood on Friday morning. I have to call and find out about my HSG and where I can have it and how much it's going to cost and if I need to go back to the RE's office (an hour and a half away) or if I can do it locally. Have to find out where Jimmy can do his SA done. I had a major break down last night. Swollen eyes today for my troubles. You would think I would be used to it...but I'm not. It still hurts. I just feel so broken, in so many ways. Did not want to come to work today, but staying home was not an option. So here I am. Of course my car wouldn't start and I had to wait for Jimmy to turn around and come back. It was one of the connections on my battery was "loose". Not a big deal once he got there. But a major pain in the ass. And of course when I go to drop James off late, for the first time in the four years he has been in school, his class is at a choral assembly and I have to walk him to it and then try and find his class/teacher amongst the entire school. Fun stuff. But what can you do? And now I am gearing up to talk to my grandfather tomorrow about IVF funds and if he was serious about helping us. Otherwise we have to look into financing ::sigh::

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