Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So I am finished with my HSG. It sucked donkey dick. But it's past. I have a titled uterus. Scarring on my cervix from my laser surgery in 1991 for cancerous cysts. But my tubes are clear and I am "normal". Never thought I would love being called that word, but damn it's a beautiful thing. Jimmy dropped off his SA this morning. Said it was super embarrassing as they kept yelling, is that the specimen? He wanted to die. Poor thing. Said the quantity was on the low side, so we'll see what they have to say. I got the results of my first series of bloodwork. My egg reserve shows that I do in fact still have eggs. Not many, due to age, but some :) All I can ask for at this point. My blood is clotting as it should. My progesterine was not as high as they would like it, so I see progesterine suppositories in my future. But what can you do? They are supposed to call me with the results of last Friday's bloodwork and Jimmy's SA by tomorrow at the latest. I thought it would take a lot longer, but am thrilled to hear answers as soon as possible. So far there is nothing stopping us from moving forward with the IVF after this cycle. I believe there is a BCP month before we do the actual ER and such. So maybe January? Pop went into his financial advisor and signed the papers to get the money. I can't believe that this is all moving so fast now. I'm terrified and so freaking excited. I have wanted to be pregnant for as long as I can remember. And that it might actually finally happen is so amazing. Jimmy put his hand on my stomach last night and said, "We might be there soon Babe." Really hit me. I think I had started to think that it might not be. That I might never get to experience those feelings. But now...I have hope again. Never thought it would cost me this much to bring this dream to fruition. But it might happen. IT MIGHT REALLY HAPPEN!!


  1. I am praying like crazy that this IVF is successful for you and your hubby! I'm sorry the HSG sucked, but I am so glad to hear you had normal results!

  2. Glad it is over & you got the all clear!