Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010

Awesome day...

yesterday was one of those just perfect days :) Jimmy and I went to church and then to have lunch with my Mom. Headed home. I took a nap and he picked up James who had been keeping his Dad company overnight. We decided to go bowling and James almost beat me in the first round. He was loving that!! After had a treat and got KFC (we never eat fast food) and then headed home for James and I to make our own croutons. I had made them with my Mom once and told him about it and he's been asking me ever since. We had so much fun doing them. It was awesome. And now tomorrow when I make chicken ceasar salad for dinner, we will be serving it with the usual fixings and our own croutons. So fun. Then we just chilled and spent some quality family time together. It was lovely. I could not have asked for anything more!! I love my boys...

Friday, April 16, 2010

New month, new plan

CD3. So this month I am not even going to temp. I am going to have some fun with my husband when and if we feel like it. Just like normal couples. It's not helping when I obsess and plan and plot and figure. So I'm going to just see what happens and at some point we'll see a doctor. But in the mean time I'm going to husband, my son, my life :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Low temps...

So I took my morning temp on Saturday and it was super low. Low even for pre-O and I was 7DPO so that was strange. Decided not to temp on Sunday and wait till my normal week day waking time to see if that would be different. Temped this morning and the same temp. So I waited till I was up for awhile and temped. 96.50 and then 96.48 an hour later. According to google the only time you should go below 97 is if you have hypothermia. I do not have that. I live in Florida and it is in the 80s. But what is going on with me? Hmm. Only time will tell.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I have never seen that on FF before. I have been charting for 18 months and for 18 months I have Oed on CD12. So by CD17 I am officially 5DPO. I had short LP lengths off and on throughout that first year. But always Oed and always on Day 12. So this is weird. New and strange. I got a slight temp rise this morning. But even playing with my chart and putting in high temps tomorrow on I don't get CHs. I have never not gotten CHs. Hmm. I wasn't even going to temp this cycle. Just was doing a spot check on what I assumed would be 1DPO and my temp was super low. So I started temping as that was a strange thing. So I am still temping several days later and just got a little bump this morning. Still not real high for me. I think I'll temp tomorrow and maybe Wednesday to see (in my mind, not FF's) if I think I Oed, just later than usual. Then I'm going to just "be" until AF shows. I'm not stalking my own chart...and if there isn't any info in it to stalk, I won't be tempted. If my temp doesn't go more up or stay up on those two additional days then I'll know the whole month is a scrap, and possibly my first annolavory cycle. Either way, I'm going to let AF surprise me :)