Monday, November 15, 2010

Crazy weeks...

So I work all week. And pick up James as usual. But this week and next week as well are going to be a little nutty. I'm like the 80 year who's life is all wrapped around doctor's appointments. Tonight I have physical therapy. Tomorrow I have my HSG ::bites nails::. Wednesday is physical therapy as well as Thursday. Friday I have my ultra sound. Which will hopefully lead to my trigger shot...fingers crossed. Right now to quote my husband, I am a pharmacists wet dream. I am on my normal meds (Valtrex that I will take forever for an eye infection and my hypothryoidism synthetic meds) and I am also taking Femara and an antibiotic for the HSG. I have such a time table of keeping track of morning vs. night meds. As well as trying to track down my injectable since the original pharmacy does not contract with my insurance. I talked to a very nice woman and am just waiting to hear back. Hope it gets here in time. Then next week I'm not sure what days my physical therapy will be on. But I have a dentist appointment on Tuesday. Wednesday I have my scary meet and greet with my nuerologist, the MS guru. I'm terrified of that one. Could change the whole course of my life in a few moments. That night I have my pre-Thanksgiving cook off at my Mom's. Not many of us this year. Thursday is Thanksgiving. Doing my Mom's early. More like lunch with us and my one sister's family. Then dinner at my ILs. We just have my SIL and us. And since the boys are not coming (SIL and her fiance split and BIL is with his new bride's family) we aren't even having turkey. We're having lamb chops at my FIL's request. It will actually be nice to not have turkey for two meals. Friday I get a day of rest. Then Saturday Jimmy and I are driving to Tampa for our anniversary. Staying over Saturday night and driving back on Sunday. Probably going to the zoo or aquarium on Saturday. Out to dinner that night. Staying at a nice downtown hotel. Breakfast on Sunday morning with a little walking around. Then back home to claim James. It's going to be insane...but hopefully that will be a nice "reward" for all the bullshit of these two weeks. Somewhere in there is the perfectly timed sex. And this week on Wednesday I have to nag Jimmy into dropping off his SA at the hospital. Fun times :)

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  1. That is an insane schedule! Good luck tomorrow. Praying for the BEST outcome!