Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not sure why...

We've been having our house re-sided. It was supposed to take 3 days max. Four weeks later they finally finished and our garage is our own again. So Jimmy cleaned it up and for some unknown reason decided that after 4 years the garage should be for MY car!! He told me that he's been selfish for long enough and it's mine now. He even adjusted the tennis ball to my car size so that I would know where to stop when I pull in. And it is just in time for Tropical Depression 16 that has been slamming our town for the last two days. I'm not sure what caused this miraculous change...but I will gladly take it. I hate getting wet!!

So...I am praying that Jimmy feels better. He has been sick and so sexy time has not been happening as often as I think it should. It's our Hail Mary cycle and I should O any day now. So I am really going to try for things to happen tonight. I have dinner tonight at my grandfather's house. So it's going to be a late night regardless...but I am going to try and push through. I would hate to miss this last opportunity. I just need to know that we tried our hardest before we spend all that time and money on the RE and IUIs and possibly IVFs.

We are desperately trying to get our new kitten to eat. We got him and he was sick. Took him to the vet who said that it was a cold and there was nothing that could be done. He just had to ride it out. Everyone else that I have spoken to (including a cat specialist vet friend of mine who lives too far to be my vet) said that he should have been put on antibiotics. So it's time for a new vet I guess. But I'm not sure if at this point, when he seems to be past the cold/virus...but just won't eat, if it's worth taking him to another vet. My friend gave me a few "tricks" to try to entice him to eat. As well as a product we can buy. So I'm going to try that route and if no go...then I think I'll call and take him to a different vet. I just want him to eat...he would be so perfect if he would. He and the beasts are in love with each other. He lays with them like he's one of the dogs. It is so adorable. But he is getting thinner and it's scaring me. So fingers crossed that one of the tricks works and we can get him back to eating. I have never had a cat that wasn't fat. It's freaking me out!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Let's get ready to rumble...

James had his first football game yesterday. His team took a major beating. But he was awarded the Sportmanship Award after. So that was pretty exciting for him. I did a good deal of yelling and got burned. Just on my chest. The rest was covered by make up or clothes. Wish I had an umbrella. So we promised ourselves we would pick up two chairs (with umbrellas attached :) and remember to bring a cooler next time. First timers, what can you do? I have never been on the side lines, always on the field. But I have these oh so sexy tanned strap marks on my feet from my inappropriate shoes. Lovely. And have been called Red all day by the boys at work. Got to love them. We took him for ice cream after. Really sucked not joining him, I did however have to sample it to make sure it was safe before he ate it. First piece of sugared food to touch my tongue in 2 months. It was yummy. But not worth the consequences. That much I know. Also got an email from my co-Room Parent and she asked me to take on the "major" role with her for support. So I spent today finding volunteers for all necessary categories and making up email lists for the teacher and the two of us. I'm a big girl now...tee hee. In addition. I fried our stove. I mean, melted the inside...fried. Yes, you can do that. And I did it. Go big or go home, right? So we spent Friday night and Saturday morning going to every single appliance store. Ended up getting a beauty Frigidaire gas (I had electric before, so excited about this!!) with five burners. I'm in love. And Jimmy and I decided to make our Christmas/anniversary gifts to each other a new fridge...since it was our only non-stainless left. So that will be in a few months and my kitchen will be 1 step closer to be finished. Leaves just the cabinets to contend with. I can not wait!! Who knew that appliances would give me this kind of thrill? Certainly not this girl.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scared and excited...

So it is finally time to set up an RE appointment. We had one in April. We had one in July. Each time a medical issue would require us to cancel. Then at my brother-in-law's wedding one of his friends who was recently married's wife and I were talking. She has twins from her first marriage. So I asked her if they were planning on having more together. Since it's sort of the same as Jimmy and I (and she is very close in age to us). She said that they were but that she had to go through IUI with her first pregnancy. I mentioned having to see an RE. She said if I was going to see the one in our town, to cancel. That he is horrible. She had gone to him 10 years ago and he did nothing for her. But waste her time and money. So I started researching. Unfortunatly this means I have to go to Orlando now. There is nothing closer. So I research and decide on the Arnold Palmer Hospital Fertility. It's a children's hospital so I figured that was a good sign. Call and am told that the doctor is moving further away from us. Okay. Research again. Find a doctor who has numerous wonderful reviews including one saying that a woman had 3 failed IVFs and then saw him and he got her pregnant on the first run. Good stuff. So I am going to try him. Almost afraid to call and have a problem arise and be back to square one. Also keep thinking...we'll try one more month. It's so expensive and I hate to go if it's not necessary. I know that at this point, unnecessary seems a little far fetched...but a girl has to hold onto the hope, no? Okay. So I called. The girl was very sweet. However they are booked until the last week in October. And that week my bosses' wife is out of town and I will be working long hours covering her. So I asked for the next week, the first week in November and they don't open that calendar until October 1st. So she has to call me back after the 1st. Are you kidding me? What is going on? Maybe God is telling me to wait...or maybe I just want to believe that and it's just life happening. So I am going to see him the first week in November, I just don't know which day yet. I'll know that next Friday. In the mean time...since I can't get in for that long, we will try on our own for one more month (I guess I get what I wanted anyway, huh?). Our Hail Mary month so to speak. I end my period tomorrow. So we start our every other day marathon then. Have to start coming up with some fun and exciting and different approaches to keep it fresh for us. After this month...I don't believe we will have to worry about all that. I believe the IUI will be scheduled and a cup involved for Jimmy :) I am so nervous of the cost...but thank God my grandfather has offered to support us on that front. So I guess I need not worry. I just hate asking for something that huge from him. But he insists...he wants to help make this happen. I am so blessed!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Master Jinx. The newest addition to our family :) Or as he is known by James, "HI Jinx"...which I belive he has said 14 million times already since he arrived last night. He is a 4 month old Siamese mix that is so freaking cute. This morning Jimmy called him and he trotted along behind him into the bedroom and I wish I had it on video. It made my heart flutter. I was in love!! The beasts are very curious about him...but since they would make him an appetizer if they so desired, we are keeping a little distance between them. I have numerous puncture holes in my neck and back from this expedition. But he is getting more comfy. If the dogs are outside for any reason he loves to explore. He has claimed the back of the family room couch as his safe place since they aren't allowed on the furniture and therefore can't get to him there. He curls up in a ball and sleeps there. It's adorable. I tried to get his amazing bluish eyes in the pic, but he kept blinking from the flash. So more pics to come in the future...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Some changes

So I've decided that my blog is BORING!! I am bored by it...and it's my you have got to be mind numbed by it. Little blurbs about what is going on. Really Heather? That's all you've got? I think you can do better. So here goes my first more indepth look at my life. I got cross hairs and am 5DPO today. Had a temp dip yesterday. Super early for me to have that. But then again I Oed super late for me as well. So not sure how that all works out. I have been the nap queen lately. Started doing it when my thyroid was out of wack and have been loath to give it up. So I continue to take one every Sunday and Saturdays when I can. Love it.

Yesterday I went to church for the first time in a long time. I used to be a every week girl. Volunteered in numerous capacities. But I think when things started going down hill with IF and such I lost that loving feeling for God. I know he has a plan, but I can't say that I'm behind it at this point. I just want to be pregnant. Is that too much to ask? Apparently. But I was a reader yesterday, so I had no choice. I attend the contemporary service. The traditional AAAAAAA-A-Men services make me nuts. I have a hard time suffering through them at holiday services when I have no choice. Our Pastor has recently asked that all people at that service sit in the two center sections and leave the two outer empty. I'm sure sure why. So for the first time in 7 years at this church I sat in a different spot. Still deciding how I feel about it. I'm away from the annoying kids that I want to smack every week, so it's not all bad :) My Mom broke down during the service and I spent the rest of the day wanting to punch my Dad for doing this to her. In case you don't know what I am referring to...he left her after 44 years of marriage with no explantion or desire to work on things. I've seen her cry more in the past few months then my entire life combined. And it sucks. Breaks my heart every time. And all I could do was sit there and hold her hand and cry with her. So Jimmy, James and I took her to breakfast. Had a great time. After James went to Nani and Pa's since he is off today and Nani is not a morning person. So Jimmy decided to see Resident Evil and a nap :) Tee hee. Shocker. Even James predicted it when asked where I was. Shameful I know...but I have no regrets. And insanely it does not negatively affect my night sleep. Guess I need them!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sneaky sex fail!! We were on an air mattress in a room not much bigger than the bed. And my cousin does NOT sleep. So sex was out of the question. But luckily I haven't Oed yet, I figure the stress of the weekend delayed it. So ::fingers crossed:: we are not out as a result.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stupid song...

I can NOT get this stupid children's song "Mama's little baby loves shortening, shortening. Mama's little baby loves shortening bread." out of my head for DAYS now. It is making me crazy. Especially since Mama is what I am called and I am not allowed shortening :) But really...make it go away...pretty please!!