Wednesday, September 7, 2011

26 Weeks

How far along? Week 26 :)
Next appointment? I have my OB on the 19th and my next u/s on the 21st...can't wait to see his gorgeous face again. And they say at this point his face is as it will look at birth...hope I get a good look at it!
Weight gain? I have gained 12 lbs. last weigh in from my pregnancy. But I had already gained almost 30 from the fertility
Stretch marks? Not a one yet...keep it up skin!!
Sleep? Same as it's been. I pee around 3 - 4 times a night...but fall right back to sleep thank God
Best moment this week? I still love feeling him kick and just sitting and watching my stomach move from him exploring his space. It amazes me every time!! James and Jimmy have both gotten to experience it as well.
Food cravings? I still have not had a single craving...does that make me totally strange?
Odd pregnancy moment? Hmm...
Gender? We are having an absolutely perfect little boy...Asher Robert <3
Belly or out? Still in...shallow, but definately in
Movement? All the time now and I could not love anything more!!
What I miss? I miss sushi...I've had psuedo-sushi made for me at our favorite resturant, but I miss all the fun stuff, and even the weak ones we haven't done in awhile. Stupid lay off + frugal husband = no eating out :)
What I'm looking forward to? My u/s on the 21st...I can NOT wait to see him again. He should be around 3 lbs. then, triple what he was the last time. Amazing.
Weekley wisdom: Sorry...I got nothing.
Milestone: We have passed viability and are down to double digit days left (98)...not to mention 3rd trimester right around the corner (next week).