Monday, October 4, 2010


So Saturday we had my Pop's 90th surprise birthday party. Biggest surprise was him showing up an hour early and shocking all of us!! But 45ish of his friends (plus 20ish of family) showed up. He walked around like a proud peacock. It was priceless :) Good food, good family and great times. We laughed like the old days. Three of us emptied my visiting sisters suitcase and put on all her clothes. She kept yelling at me to not stretch her shoes, hello...I wear 2 sizes smaller than you. Not likely.

Sunday we had James' second football game. A bunch of the family came to support him. Everyone yelled his name when he came on the field for the first time and embarressed him. That's what family is for, right? It was so sweet of them to take the time. Then we headed to Cracker Barrel for lunch with my in-laws. It was a good time. Followed by James and Mama doing the California poster project for school. It came out remarkably well if I do say so myself. But the cherry on my day was the police arriving for my next door neighbor and parking in front our house and then in my driveway with sirens going and lights blazing until almost 2 a.m. My husband snoring through it all made me twice as annoyed. So alittle tired today :)
I had a temp rise. Two more days of this and I get crosshairs. Yippee!!

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