Friday, October 8, 2010

So the weekend is upon us...

Thank God!! I have to work late night. I will be working late about 1/2 of October. The extra money will be nice, but it's going to suck. Oh well...what :) Jimmy and I are running after work to open new accounts at a different bank. We had been members of a local bank for a million years. Well Jimmy was a million, I was a few thousand. Then they were taken over by a conglomerate. They promised nothing would change. Same great service, same customer care. Bullshit!! They send us a new account number and some sample checks. So I get to toss out the money from my two boxes of checks I had ordered on the old account number. They announce the change over is in affect on Saturday the 25th. On Friday the 24th my old card is denied, and I don't have the new card. I was trapped at a gas station until DH could come and rescue me. I go to log on to the new website and it denies me over and over. I call customer support and am informed that someone at thier bank already had my sign on name, so they just assigned me random numbers. But never informed me. So I was about to choke them by now. We get our new cards and they are not embossed like a credit card but thin plastic that can/will snap if you put it in your pocket. It also can only be used as a debit, not a credit like my old card. Final straw. The old bank, if you deposited your pay check...regardless of at what was the first transaction of the day. I inquired as to whether that would hold true with the new bank and was assured it would. $140 later I find out that it is not. In fact, they don't put your check through until the end of the batch basically it is now the LAST thing of the day. So anything I put through that day like I had a million times before cost me an overdraft fee. Yup. So I call Customer Service and ask what is going on with all these fees. She explains and is so rude and condescending. I ask a question and she says, "I already explained that." to which I tell her if you explained it properly I would understand and not have to ask again!! Explain it better! By the end of the conversation I was screaming and cursing and then even threated physical violence against this girl. I have never in my life done that. But I wanted to punch her. Had we been at a branch, I honestly and truly believe that I would have hit someone for the first time in my life! Grrr.

After we run around taking care of our bank stuff. We have to cruise to my ILs for a birthday celebration for my BIL. He and his new wife are flying in for the weekend. So we'll go and spend some time with them. I'll finally get to give my MIL the bottle of wine I got for her at my wine tasting in St. Augustine. She left to take care of her Mom in upstate NY right after and this is the first time we are going to hang out since. So that should be fun. Jimmy is bring his Dad some Black Lager he keeps telling him about from Sam Adams. I really like to go home and chill on Friday after a long week. But what can you do. It is what it is.

Tomorrow I AM sleeping in. Come hell or high water I am. It might just get ugly if someone tries to change that on me. I need it. Bad. Just found out they are having an extra football practice on Saturday morning. James needs it. I'm crossing my fingers that since he is sleeping at my ILs on Friday night my FIL will take him and Jimmy can still go and work out and I can still sleep in. Sunday we have James' football pictures followed by his third game. Hopefully he is catching on more and will participate better. I hate seeing him stand there all lost. But the boys were so keyed up and spastic at Wednesday's practice, so we'll see how they do in the game. Coach said that last weeks team was one of the best in the league and they held thier own. Lost...but held thier own. They had two kids that were fast enough to play on a college football team. And this is 8 year olds!! But some started when they were they have an advanctage from playing previous years. He'll get there eventually!! Supposed to be going to a 1 year old birthday party as well, but don't think it will fit in and I'm okay with that.

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