Monday, October 25, 2010

Couple things

So...I have my MRI today at 4:30. Not allowed to eat anything more in 3 minutes. And of course, just to make things more fun and interesting. Because I have a plate in my neck they have to do contrast with the MRI. Meaning they put dye in my blood while they are administering the test. I've been told it makes you feel like you are peeing your pants (well, if you were in fact wearing pants). So that should be great!! Strapped down in a tube with bladder issues. Love it. But if it can rule out damage to another vertabrae it will be worth it. Still waiting for the insurance company to admit fault so we can move forward on that front. But Jimmy and I have decided that instead of repairing Betsy, we are going to get me a new car once we get the funds. I'm looking at Jettas and Mazda 3s. Can't wait...I haven't had a new car in 5 years :) One plus of this nightmare. We also got some furniture from my FIL's friend. So we are buying a new dining room table to go with the lovely new cushy chairs we got. I swear it was just an excuse for Jimmy to force me to go through our closets and attic and drawers. But it will benefit us as Mom is having a garage sale on Saturday, which I had already volunteered to assist her with. So we're going to put our stuff in it as well and hopefully make a few bucks. Bonus.

Here was my other excitement. Went to Kohl's on Friday night to buy James' "warm" clothes for the year since he is growing like a weed and does not fit in anything from the beginning of this year. I spend $205 and change on the clothes and a runners watch for Jimmy who is training for a marathon with his brother. The girl makes this big deal about marking my 3 hundred dollar bills I gave her as payment and giving me the Kohl's cash and when I can use it and such. She indicated that my change was with the Kohl's cash. So fast forward to Saturday and we are taking James to a fair to celebrate his wonderful report card and I try and pull my cash out so I don't have to carry a bag. I have none. Not a single dollar. I freak. Call Kohl's and talk to a manager. She says that they will get right back to me. Finally get a call while at the fair and this manager tells me that they have to review the tapes (thank God I bought Jimmy the watch and therefore was at the jewelry counter where they have cameras) and they will call me first thing in the morning. By 4 on Sunday still no word. So I go back to Kohl's and the manager tells me that the security guy doesn't work till Tuesday but they are going to try and get him to come in tomorrow (i.e. Monday...or today). So my phone doesn't ring in my office as it's a concrete cave. But I get a voice mail a few ago from said security guy telling me that I can come into Kohl's at my convenience and the manager on duty will have my "change". Yippee. I am so glad that it worked out and I did not through $94 out the door. Not when I am saving every cent so we can go and see my nephew in the Bahamas when his is done with his tour of duty!! Thank you Kohl's for being honest and still remaining one of my favorite places to shop.

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