Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is it wrong?

So Jimmy and I had a little melt down "fight" last month. I felt like I was alone in this baby making business and he felt like I was just using him for his sperm. That he had lost his wife and partner and lover to psuedo quote him. It all worked out and I think brought us ultimately closer. But he shared that it's one of the reasons that he was pushing for starting with the RE. So that I would not be so focused on the every other day sex thing pre-O. So we see the RE on the 2nd, but I should O around next Thursday. A few days before. I have not been temping (I will probably take a "just checking" temp next week once or twice till I know I Oed) but I am not going to freak out and make this month another stressful sex month. With my injury I'm not even sure we can successfully have sex. But I think I'm going to try and see if we can work it in at least two or three times during the "right" time as I would hate to miss an entire month that could mean getting pregnant unassisted. Is that horrible? I think if I make sure I make it as romantic and non-pressured as possible that he should not complain. Right? It's not like he doesn't enjoy sex...he just doesn't like walking in the door and having me say, "Okay...let's go!!". I can't imagine why :) Men!!

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