Monday, October 11, 2010

Crazy weekend...

Had our lovely dinner at my ILs on Friday. Really good time. Some wine, great food and plenty of laughter and convesation. James slept over and Uncle Marc and Aunt Nicole took him to his practice on Saturday morning. Get a call that Marc has cut himself bad enough to see bone and require a visit to the hospital. He was running the bleachers and slipped and wacked his shin on the metal bleacher. Poor thing. It was ugly. And his compassionate brother was taking pictures to send out while he is in pain waiting to be stitched. Real nice my husband. I ended up missing the football pictures and game on Sunday. But my FIL and BIL showed up so he had the boys there for him. Which is nice. Jimmy said that he played like a champ. He was very proud of himself when he got home. He and I had a lovely sword fight while Jimmy was out and about doing some errands. I had a horrible headache and my back was burning. So I was taking it easy and my hubbie was filling in for me. Man I love that guy!!

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