Monday, September 28, 2009

Phantom Symptoms...

bwahaha...and not in a good way. I had never really experienced phantom symptoms. I had always thought those ladies who talked about them were insane. So when I got symptoms this time, I thought for sure that it was for real. But...alas...God has other plans for us :) So I chalk it up to a longer LP :cheers here:: and that my surgeon appointment on Friday will not be complicated by a pregnancy. I have to say, taking those pregnancy tests made this month alittle harder than others. But I have to also say that it's a good step for my body and it means that I will be ready to get pregnant when it's right. Maybe after my surgery so I don't have to go through pain for 9 months with no meds. All for a reason, and all in it's time. I truly put it in God's hands yesterday at church and bright and early this morning he gave me his answer. Not the one I might have wanted. But the one I got. And it's good and I will move, upward and onward. Never straight, always forward!!

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