Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two more...

DPO with high temps. I actually bought a HPT so I would have it if I made it to Saturday with no AF (that's when FF suggests I test). I have short LPs, so making it to 10 DPO at all is a great thing for me. The whole reason I started charting again even though we were supposed to be TTA :) I checked my Knocked Up shirt for DH and made sure I knew were it was. I have had that damn thing sitting on a shelf in my closet for way too long. Putting it on would be amazing!!

I've had my share of symptoms, but only time will if they are phantom or reality. Besides the temp I have been very bloated. I am nauseous every morning. I have very little appetite (won't complain about that one, worst case scenario I lose some weight before AF). And I am going to bed and out like a light much earlier than I usually do. DH complained that I was going in earlier and earlier. I also usually have a horrible sense of smell, and it's been very heightened lately. I'm almost afraid to put this all on "paper" as I don't want to jinx it...

Not sure if I'm going to make it to Saturday but do not want to see a negative I think I'm going to have to force myself to wait. Patience is a virtue...but one that I don't have!!

On a side note. I was talking to James last night and he says to me, "Guess what two people I love the most (knowing the real answer is Daddy and me)?" I respond "Ummmm...Scooby Doo and Popeye" and with the most sweet and angelic face he shouts, "I love chicken pot pie!!" I burst out in the best belly laugh I have had in a long time. He had no idea why that was funny to me, but now he says, "I love chicken pot pie" to try and make me giggle. So freaking cute!!

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