Monday, September 14, 2009

Mimi's doctor...

Several times since all my back issues have come up, my grandfather (Pop) has told me that I should go and see my deceased grandmother (Mimi)'s nuerosurgeon if it ever came to that. I didn't listen to him and sat and waited (I'm in the fourth week and still waiting) for the surgical PA to contact from my Pain Management doctor's service. I called to check on my Pop last week and he once again told me that I would be smart to call her doctor. I asked his name and location. Dr Paine, hmm...should that make me nervous? Tee hee. So, frustrated with the lack of interest from the first doctor's office, I did some research, found out the doc is in my insurance program. So I called my primary (my insurance requires a referral) and left a long, drawn out message for her poor secretary explaining who I was and what I was looking for. 1 hour later my cell phone rings, I'm expecting my primary. It's not, it's Dr. Paine's office. My primary's office is so on the ball that they had already contacted them with the referral and his office is so with it that they immediately contacted me for an appointmnet. Granted I have to wait for October 2nd, which is 3 weeks away and thier first opening. But I have an appointment. Plus, I figure that the surgeon in my PM doctor's service would just take her word for things and do the surgery. Dr. Paine is independent and will do his own analysis and make his own decisions. And that means they won't be slitting my throat if it's not necessary :) Now I just have to wait...again!!

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