Friday, September 18, 2009

Jimmy has no control...

and as a result, I am once again in the 2ww that I am not supposed to be in for a little while longer. I swear that man is like a HS boy! FF says our timing was "good". I meet with the nuerologist/surgeon next Friday and FF has my test day as Saturday. It should be interesting to see what the doc has to say about pregnancy and how much it will affect everything. Can I have the surgery if I am in fact pregnant? Will I have to go the entire pregnancy sans my meds and in excruciating pain? I'm not sure I have the strength for that. But I guess time will tell. Much as I desperately want a baby, I just popped a pain pill and know that I probably will not survive 9 months not being able to take that and the muscle relaxer I take daily. Not to mention the diabetic numbness meds I take to alleviate the pin prick pain in the other hand. I'm finally getting used to writing and typing with no feeling in my primary hand. Ask me now and I'll tell you I can't do it...ask me in 5 minutes and I'll tell you that I will do 9 months + of pain for a baby. It's the Gemini in me, or maybe I'm just schizo!

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