Friday, September 25, 2009

11 DPO...

and a stupid BFN. I am more irritated with myself for not waiting longer knowing all the statistics and the chances of a + at 11 DPO. But I had to POAS anyway and bum myself out. And now I have to get to the store and buy another as my temp is still 97.9, I am still bloated all the way down to my vajayjay. I am still nauseaous. I am still tired and irratable (even though I am on my happy pill...OB said it was safe until I got a BFP and then stop). My boobs have not been affected, so maybe that's a bad sign. Or maybe my boobies take awhile to participate. They could be procrastinators. Who knows? I'm making Jimmy go shopping with me tonight and I am going to by me a new pair of black shoes. I deserve something nice and I'm going to make it happen. So there BFN...take that!! And now I guess I will wait till 13 DPO and see what that brings me, as long as my temps continue to be at fever pitch!! Come on can do it!

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  1. Sorry about the BFN. Good luck on CD13! My boobs were procrastinators too, so ya never know!! GL!!