Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Moving forward

Had dinner with my Poopsie last night and he handed me a big fat check. So financially, we are all set for this IVF. Tonight is the seminar. Then I assume my protocol appointment with my RE. I had pushed my primary to retest my thyroid and it came back high. So they have upped my dosage...and I pray it does not affect our IVF. It's all starting to happen. I am so excited and terrified all wrapped into one little burrito. Hopefully after tonight I'll have a better idea of our time table. And I want to talk to them about is our snow babies, should there be any. I am praying that I am not too old to donate them to someone. That would be the answer to my prayers and such a load off my heart. Don't know if we'll even have any, but I want to know they have a home if I do.