Monday, January 17, 2011


I had not heard back from the nurses at my RE's office after three messages left. So I had decided on my own that I would just push back our appointment so that we didn't have to worry about going while I had my period. So I do this. Not 10 minutes later the nurse calls me back. Tells me that I don't actually need an appointment. That Jimmy and I both need to be HIV tested and they will call in BCP script for me and that I call them on Day 1 and start taking the pills on CD3. So I have another call into the nurse so I can understand the rest of the process. Does that mean that I will start meds this coming month and do the IVF in February. Or do I do the BCPs for a month and then start the shots and protocol next month? I have to get some more specifics from the chicky if I am not going to have a protocol appointment. What meds am I doing? That's a biggie. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for not having to drive to Orlando for a quick appointment but she caught me off guard and I didn't ask any of the right questions. So now I have my head on and I need to talk to her again and get some answers and idea of what is next, beyond the BCPs. It's happening pretty fast either way. This month or next. This month or next? This month or next!!

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