Thursday, April 2, 2009

So much fun...

Stuff coming up!! Next Tuesday, during James' Spring Break, we are going to Sea World. I think Jimmy and I are as excited or more excited then James. We can't wait. I have never been and am not a huge roller coaster fan, so I'm excited for the animal shows and feeding the animals and all that sort of adventure. They have a roller coaster so Jimmy can get his fix. It's going to be an amazing day. I can't wait. Five more days...FIVE!! Then I get to be a kid again and play and have fun and not think about anything but Sea World and what I want to do next. I love days like that. Hopefully my car won't give us any trouble on the way to Orlando. She's been acting up and we haven't gotten her in to the mechanic....but I'm not going to think about that...I'm thinking about going to Sea World. Did I tell you I'm going to Sea five days? Five days!

On a side note. This TTA thing has been kind of like sliding back into high school. DH is not very good at being told this is a bad time...and I think knowing that we can't fool around makes him want it more. He attacked me the other afternoon as I was getting in the shower! I told him that we should probably wait since he's not a condom fan...he couldn't. I was laughing. Luckily my TTA is not life or death...just recommended. Because he has no self control! And I love it.

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