Monday, March 30, 2009

Babies all around...

ME!! Between all the exciting news of the regular GP ladies. My cousin just announced that she is expecting her second. So exciting as well. Then there is the drama babies. My co-worker's 20 year old daughter is pregnant. She has a 18 month old with Daddy 1 and is now pregnant with Daddy 2. She just kicked him out for being immature, so she's going to raise two on her own. And then there is my bosses' 21 year old son, who is also a co-worker. He is currently on probation for drugs and announced that his girlfriend of several weeks is 10 weeks pregnant and he can't understand why her father isn't excited! Giggle's okay. This would be announced just days prior to the announcement that he failed a pee test for probation. Sounds like alot of "failed" pee tests in that situation. Insanity. This is the third pregnancy for this boy...two with his previous girlfriend. Both resulting in an ended pregnancy and now this one. I imagine that this one will go to term if that is God's will. Unbelievable. I guess since I won't be getting a BFP for awhile, everyone around me is going to get one instead! Blessings and drama...blessings and drama.

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