Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun times....

One of my big sisters was in town this past weekend. Her daughters were working a fundraiser for thier mission trip this summer...so she and I did some running around. It was supposed to be three of us...but her twin was being a little douchey...so we dumped her and had a beer (which the few sips I had gave me a real buzz combined with my meds) quickly checked out the local Art Festival and moved on. Had SO much fun together. She's about 2 hours south of me...and I just don't see enough of her. Which is a total shame as she is one of the coolest people. I really enjoy being with her. It's easy and hilarious. She got me hooked on grilled cheese with tomato and bacon and I'm eating my third one since then right now. It was supposed to be few hours of errrands and I ended up being gone for the entire day. But it was great and I'm glad I didn't miss a minute of it. Danielle you rock!! Thanks for making a chore a joy! I love and appreciate you more than you know.

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