Thursday, April 30, 2009


I had an adjustment yesterday, so my back and arm are more painful then usual, that's how the doc said it would work and man was he right. I also have a dentist appointment today. I'm supposed to go to dinner at my Pop's house...but it's his night to cook...which means boxed dinners...blick. And I still haven't spoken to my sister that acted like a jackass on Saturday and screwed the whole morning up before we got it back on track...and she'll be there...either still being a bitch...or acting like nothing ever happened. So to say that I am not looking forward to tonight is an understatement. It means over an hour travel round trip. It means I can't take my meds till later as I won't take them and then drive. Would I be a terrible person if I called in "sick"? I really don't know if I can handle it with a smile. I just want to cry at the thought!

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