Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warranty expired...

Isn't that how it works? Your warranty expires and then everything starts falling off or apart. ::raises hand:: I'm there! First this whole eye fiasco that I am still "battling" coming up on a year and it's going beyond that. Till November. 1 year and 4 months of doctors and drops and pills and pictures and on and on. And now my back is whacked. Finally got to see the chiropractor after a month of fighting my primary doctor's office. Had Xrays done and really like the new doc...but he told me that I have a degenerative vertabrae. Doesn't sound good to me! in continuing to degenerate. More and more over time. And it's got a spur. Oh joy. The fun just keeps on coming. When this all started, it was like a HUGE knot in my left shoulder that was extremely painful. After a couple of days the pain spread into my left arm to about the elbow. Going numb and tingling as well. That continued to get worse each day. So I am in tears two nights ago and Jimmy asks me where it hurts. So I put his fingers on the exact spot and he digs in. Not gently. Not a soft massage, but gets in there. And then I woke up the next day and the back issue is the same, but the pain in my arm was gone. Lovely. So yesterday and this morning it was much, much better. The valium/darvacet cocktail actually took the pain away and I felt psuedo normal. So I get my first electro-shock treatment at the doctor's office and an adjustment. And now the pain is back in my arm. It's like the treatment set me back to before Jimmy helped me. I think he had unpinched something and it's pinched again. I go again on Friday. But I might have to go through hell again and let him try again and see if I can relieve the arm ache/pain till Friday's appointment and mention to the doctor what happened. Not sure if it's part of the process...but if it's a bad part and I don't like it. Feel like I have to hug my arm to me or lift it above my head or it is on fire and numb. Like it feel asleep and I can't get it to wake up. Ah hell...I just want to feel good again.

Of course Jimmy asked me if I'm allowed to get back in the gym. But when the doctor said degenerative (especially since my Mimi had three back surgeries in her life for issues such as this) I kind of went into panic mode and didn't think to ask him any questions. So Friday when I go back I'll ask him about that. If I can at least do the cardio eliptical part, even if the weight lifting isn't okay. Or maybe just not back/shoulder but everything else. Or maybe it will be a good thing. Keep me loose and strong. We'll see what he says. I just know it's another doctor bill and more appointments and for the moment PAIN!! ARRGGHH.

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