Friday, April 17, 2009

Girlie time...

Can't wait for tomorrow. My Mom and one of my sisters and I are driving down to another sister's house to see her new pad and have lunch and then shop and be girlie. I so miss that. My two BFs live in Maryland so I only see them one weekend each year. Our Fall Funk Fest...and I live for it. This year it might be postponed till March and be more of a Spring Chicken Fest. But it is still too little time to spend with my ladies. So going with my family girlies is so fun. Used to do this all the time when we all lived in Illinois. Head out to lunch and shopping and laughing and being silly. I can't even remember the last time we did it...has to be over 5 years since it would have been before we moved down here. And my three still in Illinois sisters are not going to be it's a little bitter sweet. But I am still giddy about it and can't wait! However, DH needs to stop being so damn happy about his "free" day (no me or James). He jokingly told my sister to make up her spare bedroom and I would head down on Friday instead of leaving early on Saturday...the brat!


  1. By my count you are one of six girls. Is that right? I have on brother so I can't imagine the fun of having a built-in group of girlfriends.

  2. Yes! I have five sisters and two brothers. It's amazing and crazy all wrapped up in one!