Monday, December 13, 2010


So...I got my tattoo addition on Saturday. The guy that did Jimmy's last re-work did my addition. He is amazing and a true artist. You give him the general idea...and he goes from there. He made the wings look a little too much like fire for my preference, although Jimmy loves it as is. I think I might have him add a little more color to them to make it more the "rainbow" I had in mind. And at the request of Jenny...I am including most of my other tattoos as well in the photos. I did not put my first one in there as it's in a more personal spot that only Jimmy sees. But it's an old school dove. Once I've have my pregnancy(ies) I will be covering it with two kois to represent Jimmy and I anyway. So for your enjoyment...

The cross that is also in the picture was done years ago with several of the women in my family in honor of my Mother surviving cancer even though she was given only a 5% chance. We all got the same image but on different spots. I have always hated it being a floater. So now my fairy completes it.

The butterfly was done with my little sister a million years ago while on Spring Break in Florida (before I lived down here). We decided to get a tattoo on our last day. You can see the hint of my sun/son tattoo on the side of my foot.

This tattoo was drawn (this is only a piece of the original drawing) by a friend the night before he died. It took me many years to be ready to do it. It originally was designed as an ankle "bracelet", but I changed to my wrist when I was finally ready. The day I got this done my Dad got his first (but certianly not his last) tattoo done at the same time.

This one was done so that James would always know...that even though I did not give birth to him, he would always be my first son. That is his actual signature :) I didn't ever want him to think that since our next child would be born to me that I love him any less then them.


  1. Thanks for the photos! Did the fairy hurt?

  2. Love them all! Thank you so much for posting pictures! I think that is so incredibly sweet that you did that tattoo for your son James, and I love that it's his actual signature. Priceless and beautiful.

  3. Amber...actually the fairy was my least painful tattoo ever. Alot has to do with the artist and his skills :)