Friday, December 31, 2010


So...this has been a rough year. A lot of medical and personal hits. But first I want to start with my blessings. I have Jimmy. He is my rock and my heart. He makes me laugh through my tears and feel more loved then I ever thought it was possible. I have James. He is a joy and I am truly blessed to giggle with him daily. I have the most wonderful family. They are my strength and I don't know how I would make it through without them. I have amazing friends. So many of them are you Lovelies that are reading this. If you don't are so appreciated and mean the world to me. I am blessed to have found you and made you a part of my life and my journey. Jimmy and I both have jobs. Jimmy even got a promotion that will kick in after the new year. One more step closer to Heather staying at home or going back to school :) We have an amazing home that it my refuge so many days. We have our furries, who may drive me insane so many days but are also the light of many a day as well.

Now the realities of the year. We had our second miscarriage. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (although Jimmy says that I am blessed it was diagnosed and we could get it taken care of). As well as being informed that I am one ding dong away from diabetes. Huge lifestyle change for me as a result. No sugar, no white carbs...but sadly no weight loss either. I was diagnosed with MS. Multiple Scorosis. Again my loving husband will say thank God it was diagnosed in such a bizarre way. As the result of an MRI I had done to check my neck plate after an auto accident. I was also referred to an amazing nuerologist. One of the best in his field for MS. So that truly was a blessing. And he is hopeful that the early diagnosis means that we might be able to keep it from developing into Stage 2. Fingers crossed. And luckily he feels that it was found early enough that I can continue my TTC journey (since it is almost at an end) before we start the meds. Which would not be condusive to pregnancy or the little one. We have not been successful with any of our treatments through the RE. However, we did get good results from all our tests. And the biggest blessing of them all. My grandfather giving us the money to try IVF. We will only have one shot. But it's a shot. We go for our seminar on IVF on the 12th. Then move forward with the process. I so wish it wasn't necessary to need that money, but I am so truly awed by his generosity. I don't think I can ever thank him enough for it!! And the saddest aspect of my year. The seperation and pending divorce of my parents. After 44 years of marriage my father walked away from my mother. For another woman. It's been a rough road. Two of my siblings have already turned thier backs on him. If he moves forward with marrying this person as the rumor has it, I too will be limiting my relationship with him as well. I can't get behind the cheating and lying (to my Mom and me..."we're just friends"). I told him from day one that he would always be my Dad, but that she would never be in my life. So if he does in fact marry her, it will be very tricky to continue to see him. I will talk to him when he calls. I will never cut him out of my life completely. But I will NEVER open my life to her. Just can't do it. Judge if you must...but it's the reality. So that has been a difficult decision. It's so scary to think of losing my Dad. But I can't support adultry. I had hoped that he was being honest and they were just friends. That he and my Mom would meet people after they had ended thier relationship. After they treated each other with the respect they deserve. That they would find happiness. But...alas...

So...that's the year in a nut shell. The good, the bad and the ugly. I hope that 2011 brings each and every one of you nothing but sheer joy and truimph. Mwah...kisses to you all!!

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