Monday, December 27, 2010


So Santa/Jimmy was very generous to me :) I got beautiful garnet butterfly earrings. A lovely page boy hat that I adore. And a frame for James' first four years of school pictures. I have to get the next set of four for next year...but it looks so cute all lined up...seeing how much he's changed and grown. I love it. Just have to decide where to hang it so that I can add the others as the years pass. Jimmy was thrilled with this presents from me/Santa. A pair of sketchers and his Dremmel set he has been coveting. And of coure James was spoiled as usual at all the houses and got more than he can handle. But I have to say that his electric scooter that he got from us is by far his fave. I don't think he would get off it if we didn't make him. I got home on Friday from work and Jimmy had put it together so that James wouldn't have to wait on Christmas morning. And I asked to try it. Jimmy yelled at me to take off my heels and put on crocs. I didn't think it was necessary, but obliged. It really takes off. Scared the crap out of me and I had every video of a Mom hitting the car in the street run through my head. But I did good. James, on and was a pro. Turning and riding like he was born on it.

Christmas at Mom's was a different experience this year. No Dad and Mom not doing gifts or stockings. But as many of us as are local got together and brought tons of food and it was all delish. Then we played Bunco and had a ton of laughs. I felt horrible that Jimmy got his brother's head cold and was very sick on Christmas day. But he was a trooper. And it was wonderful being with family on both days. That's the best present any girl could ask for :)