Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not sure why...

We've been having our house re-sided. It was supposed to take 3 days max. Four weeks later they finally finished and our garage is our own again. So Jimmy cleaned it up and for some unknown reason decided that after 4 years the garage should be for MY car!! He told me that he's been selfish for long enough and it's mine now. He even adjusted the tennis ball to my car size so that I would know where to stop when I pull in. And it is just in time for Tropical Depression 16 that has been slamming our town for the last two days. I'm not sure what caused this miraculous change...but I will gladly take it. I hate getting wet!!

So...I am praying that Jimmy feels better. He has been sick and so sexy time has not been happening as often as I think it should. It's our Hail Mary cycle and I should O any day now. So I am really going to try for things to happen tonight. I have dinner tonight at my grandfather's house. So it's going to be a late night regardless...but I am going to try and push through. I would hate to miss this last opportunity. I just need to know that we tried our hardest before we spend all that time and money on the RE and IUIs and possibly IVFs.

We are desperately trying to get our new kitten to eat. We got him and he was sick. Took him to the vet who said that it was a cold and there was nothing that could be done. He just had to ride it out. Everyone else that I have spoken to (including a cat specialist vet friend of mine who lives too far to be my vet) said that he should have been put on antibiotics. So it's time for a new vet I guess. But I'm not sure if at this point, when he seems to be past the cold/virus...but just won't eat, if it's worth taking him to another vet. My friend gave me a few "tricks" to try to entice him to eat. As well as a product we can buy. So I'm going to try that route and if no go...then I think I'll call and take him to a different vet. I just want him to eat...he would be so perfect if he would. He and the beasts are in love with each other. He lays with them like he's one of the dogs. It is so adorable. But he is getting thinner and it's scaring me. So fingers crossed that one of the tricks works and we can get him back to eating. I have never had a cat that wasn't fat. It's freaking me out!!

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  1. My kitten was really sick too when I first got him too. He wouldn't eat either. I fed him baby food (turkey or chicken or whatever) via a dropper. That helped until he started to feel better. I also used a humidifer. He's 7 now and is healthy as can be. Give that a whirl and I hope that helps your little guy.