Thursday, September 23, 2010

Scared and excited...

So it is finally time to set up an RE appointment. We had one in April. We had one in July. Each time a medical issue would require us to cancel. Then at my brother-in-law's wedding one of his friends who was recently married's wife and I were talking. She has twins from her first marriage. So I asked her if they were planning on having more together. Since it's sort of the same as Jimmy and I (and she is very close in age to us). She said that they were but that she had to go through IUI with her first pregnancy. I mentioned having to see an RE. She said if I was going to see the one in our town, to cancel. That he is horrible. She had gone to him 10 years ago and he did nothing for her. But waste her time and money. So I started researching. Unfortunatly this means I have to go to Orlando now. There is nothing closer. So I research and decide on the Arnold Palmer Hospital Fertility. It's a children's hospital so I figured that was a good sign. Call and am told that the doctor is moving further away from us. Okay. Research again. Find a doctor who has numerous wonderful reviews including one saying that a woman had 3 failed IVFs and then saw him and he got her pregnant on the first run. Good stuff. So I am going to try him. Almost afraid to call and have a problem arise and be back to square one. Also keep thinking...we'll try one more month. It's so expensive and I hate to go if it's not necessary. I know that at this point, unnecessary seems a little far fetched...but a girl has to hold onto the hope, no? Okay. So I called. The girl was very sweet. However they are booked until the last week in October. And that week my bosses' wife is out of town and I will be working long hours covering her. So I asked for the next week, the first week in November and they don't open that calendar until October 1st. So she has to call me back after the 1st. Are you kidding me? What is going on? Maybe God is telling me to wait...or maybe I just want to believe that and it's just life happening. So I am going to see him the first week in November, I just don't know which day yet. I'll know that next Friday. In the mean time...since I can't get in for that long, we will try on our own for one more month (I guess I get what I wanted anyway, huh?). Our Hail Mary month so to speak. I end my period tomorrow. So we start our every other day marathon then. Have to start coming up with some fun and exciting and different approaches to keep it fresh for us. After this month...I don't believe we will have to worry about all that. I believe the IUI will be scheduled and a cup involved for Jimmy :) I am so nervous of the cost...but thank God my grandfather has offered to support us on that front. So I guess I need not worry. I just hate asking for something that huge from him. But he insists...he wants to help make this happen. I am so blessed!!


  1. UGH.. how frustrating! I hope you get a surprise BFP before your RE visit in November. Fingers & toes crossed for you, hun!

  2. :::crossing fingers::: for your hail mary cycle!

  3. I've got everything crossed for you!