Monday, September 27, 2010

Let's get ready to rumble...

James had his first football game yesterday. His team took a major beating. But he was awarded the Sportmanship Award after. So that was pretty exciting for him. I did a good deal of yelling and got burned. Just on my chest. The rest was covered by make up or clothes. Wish I had an umbrella. So we promised ourselves we would pick up two chairs (with umbrellas attached :) and remember to bring a cooler next time. First timers, what can you do? I have never been on the side lines, always on the field. But I have these oh so sexy tanned strap marks on my feet from my inappropriate shoes. Lovely. And have been called Red all day by the boys at work. Got to love them. We took him for ice cream after. Really sucked not joining him, I did however have to sample it to make sure it was safe before he ate it. First piece of sugared food to touch my tongue in 2 months. It was yummy. But not worth the consequences. That much I know. Also got an email from my co-Room Parent and she asked me to take on the "major" role with her for support. So I spent today finding volunteers for all necessary categories and making up email lists for the teacher and the two of us. I'm a big girl now...tee hee. In addition. I fried our stove. I mean, melted the inside...fried. Yes, you can do that. And I did it. Go big or go home, right? So we spent Friday night and Saturday morning going to every single appliance store. Ended up getting a beauty Frigidaire gas (I had electric before, so excited about this!!) with five burners. I'm in love. And Jimmy and I decided to make our Christmas/anniversary gifts to each other a new fridge...since it was our only non-stainless left. So that will be in a few months and my kitchen will be 1 step closer to be finished. Leaves just the cabinets to contend with. I can not wait!! Who knew that appliances would give me this kind of thrill? Certainly not this girl.

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  1. Aww yay for James and his award! And yay for you and the new appliances. :)