Monday, August 22, 2011

Things lost...

So Tuesday night I was so achy from not feeling well that I took my wedding set off. I swear I put it on my high kitchen counter near my phone and forgot to bring it in the bedroom. Wednesday I felt worse and didn't even think about it. So Thursday I feel a little better and go to put my ring (they are soddered together) back on and they are gone. I have looked high and low and nothing. I can not imagine where they could be. Jimmy keeps saying they are in the house and we will find them when I least expect it in the craziest place. But I keep thinking, "what if I threw them away?" Thursday the garage pick up had already occurred, so they would be gone. Totally and completely lost. I am absolutely devastated and so, so sad.

So I go to work after realizing about my rings. And at 11 after quite awhile of bsing with my boss, he says to me, "I have to let you go". It was so out of the blue (the statement, we have been slow and he has been stressed for awhile). I thought he might be joking or something, till I see his face and then I realize he is not. He is serious. He keeps assuring me that he loves me and this is because his accountant told him it was the only way to keep the company going through the slow winter months. I just wish he had been honest with me when his daughter started coming into "train" for my maternity leave. I was training her to take my job over. So now I am unemployed. It's crazy. Jimmy and I had been figuring out numbers and trying to figure out me staying home when baby comes. But this was not what I was expecting. But I am trying to find the silver lining. Now I get to "enjoy" some time with my pregnancy as well. And I know I will be home with Asher when he arrives. And I can get the house in order. But man, it is going to be stressful financially for awhile till we get our tax money and pay a few things off that we had planned prior to me staying home. But really I'm not upset about this. Now I can collect unemployment while I figure out what I want to do and have some time to enjoy Asher without going back to work hanging over my head.

Then I come home with my sad little personal box of belongings. I'm taking it out of the car and I notice a sticker on the back of the Land Rover that is sitting in front of our house since I was hit and stopped driving it. We have 48 hours to move it or it will be empounded. So Jimmy gets home and jumps it and starts it up. And it won't shift gears. Will not come out of park. So he crawls underneath and sees that the brake fluid is low. So he goes and gets some and replenishes it. Tries pumping the brakes to get the fluid going (I am unaware of him doing this :) and nothing. Won't come out of park. So by the end of the day we are laughing to keep from crying. So Friday I drop James off at school and call the tow truck guy I had spoken to and set up for him to get the Land Rover. I contact the garage that is taking the car and let them know he is due in an hour. So my old boss calls me and tells me that his mechanic buddy says that if you have't used the car recently the brakes can stick. To get in and pump them (now remember I didn't know that Jimmy had already done this with the fluid), so I go out and do this and drops into gear. I am so excited and caught off guard that I jump out and check that the car is okay (tires, etc.). Then run to the garage and start moving things, fearing the whole time that it won't go back in gear when I get in again. But it does. So I call the tow truck guy and leave him a voice mail canceling him coming. As I'm shutting my garage he drives up. Thank God he didn't give me a hard time about charging me still. if I could jut find my damn would be good!!

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  1. Oh no! I am so sorry about the misplaced rings and the unexpected job lay-off. Though, I am glad the job thing seems to be a good thing in the long run! Hope you find your rings asap!