Thursday, August 18, 2011


So Jimmy and I sat down and looked at our financial numbers. It looks like there is a very large possibilty that I might be able to be a SAHM when Asher is born. I am too terrified it won't actually happen to get excited just yet. I feel like I am struggling just to make it happen so I can stay home for 3 months for maternity leave, to really focus on after that :) But it is definately something we will continue to pursue and I am praying like mad that it happens. It is my dream since I was alittle girl and the thought that it might actually happen...WOW...

On a sad note...I took my wedding set off when my body ached from being sick and I can not find it now...I am devastated and pray that it turns up. Where could it have gone, right?

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  1. I hope you can work that out, Momma! As of next Friday I'll be a SAHM and I am so excited :)