Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Away

So...Jimmy, James and I took off for the weekend. We headed up to Orlando. Hit Epcot on Friday. Had a blast. Rode every ride (I couldn't go on one) except two that were 90 minute waits. But we thoroughly enjoyed the day. James had a cranky episode when he was hungry. But as soon as he got lunch in his tummy, all was good with the world again. He is such a diva when he is hungry. Got to the hotel and there was no pull out bed in our king room. So they switched us to a double queen room. It did the job, but I was really looking forward to stretching out on a king for the two nights. Oh well. Saturday I felt sick off and on, but Jimmy was sweet enough to cover for me. Let me stay in the room and rest for a bit each time. James was in hog heaven at the Water Resort portion of our hotel. They had a ton of water slides and pools and water cannons, etc. He ran himself ragged. It was wonderful to see. Sunday we got up and had our free breakfast as a result of them taking an hour to make a pizza. Then headed home for football. I felt really sick so Jimmy let me bail out and handled it on his own. Even went to the grocery store to food shop for me. Damn, I love that man!! And now I have been on the phone with the hotel for hours...yes I said hours trying to get thier accounting errors corrected. The idiot that screwed up our food order so that we waiting an hour double charged us as well. And there are two "mystery" charges that no one can tell me what they are for or from. I am starting to not be so nice anymore. I am getting really angry and frustrated and it is taking away any pleasure I had staying there. It's bad enough that they take out an "incidental" charge and no one can tell me when it will be returned. Now I have these lovely extra charges and bonus charge. Grrr. They are not going to like me in about 5 minutes. This is absolute insanity!!

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