Thursday, May 12, 2011


I have so many fears. So many. I fear having a miscarriage. Two in my past make it impossible not to. I fear every change in symptoms. Is a new one good or bad? Does one going away mean that the pregnancy is no longer viable? I fear labor. All the craziness of it. The pain. The pooping. All the silliness of your water breaking, and I know mine will happen at the worst possible moment. I can guarantee it. But I also fear that I will not be a good Mom. I fear that I won't bond with the baby. That I will not feel a closeness to them. That they won't be a closeness to me. I fear...

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  1. I totally understand your fear of miscarriage. Sending positive thoughts your way. As far as your fear of not being a good mom? Pure craziness. You will be amazing!