Tuesday, May 3, 2011

8 weeks

So the nauseau has kicked in. I can't even call it morning sickness because it comes ALL day. I know it means that things are as they should be. But it sucks. I hate feeling sick. And I hate forcing myself to eat. But you do what you have to, right? And it will be SO worth it. I am still getting bigger and bigger. I still think there might be a chance that there are twins in there with how soon I am showing and such. But time will tell. Both my sisters that had twins were told they were having a single till much later in thier pregnancy (one only found out 2 weeks before she delivered and only on a fluke :). I just want healthy...but it would make me feel better about how big I am getting. But what can you do? This will be my only shot at this pregnancy gig...so I am trying to enjoy ever aspect of it. We are heading to Epcot and staying in Orlando for Mother's Day weekend. I hope I do okay with it all. We chose Epcot in hopes that there are at least some things I can do while pregnant. Saturday we are hanging at the hotel we booked. It has all kinds of water slides and pools for James and I'm looking forward to just chilling. Not really thrilled about racing back for his football game. I personally think he can miss one week. But on this Jimmy and I differ and it appears that even though it is "my" day I am losing the battle. I think if I made a big stink I might sway him, but is it worth it? I think not. So I will not get that relaxing breakfast and leisurely drive back to relax at home for the day. Maybe pop in at our Mom's to wish them a happy day. We already celebrated with my Mom in Tampa last weekend when so many of us were together to see my neice's wedding dress. But I thought it would still be nice. Now we'll have to see if that works out at all. ::sigh::


  1. I hope you feel better babes! Like you said, it's So worth it!

  2. All day sickness sucks, but it will totally be worth it!