Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh the irony...

My family always told me that I was too picky when it came to men. But after surviving an abusive relationship in my early twenties...I had no desire to be with someone that wasn't "right". I wanted to be happy...if a relationship brought that wonderful, if not...I was doing fabulous alone. I put in almost 10 years never really getting serious with anyone. However, I was apparently a good luck charm for the men I dated. Of the 10 men I casually dated prior to Jimmy, 9 of them married the woman they met after me. The 10th passed away. Weird huh?

So, when I ran across this...it made perfect sense to me. I now know that it may take some time, since my eggs are apparently just as picky as me. And I guess I just can't blame them!

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