Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Marching on...

So, as previously mentioned, I "needed" to get AF this month. So when I got that temp drop this morning to 96.7...and I know AF is right around the corner, it was a good thing...medically. But it still stings. So now....we TTA. Unbelievable. For six to nine months. UNBELIEVABLE. But I guess my vision is worth it. It's important to take care of myself so I can be the best person to care for our children, or so the GP girls tell me. But it still sucks. I don't have to like it. I've accepted it...but I refuse to like it! Sorry, two year old tantrum over. Happy face back on. Marching forward like a good little soldier.


  1. You are totally allowed to have a "two year old tantrum." You've been waiting such a long time for a little baby! I do agree though, take care of yourself first so you can be a strong mommy for your little one! :)

  2. As much as it stinks, it is definitely worth while to take care of yourself first! Your allowed to pout about for a little bit :)