Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I made it to 12 dpo. So I was successful there. And hopefully that's the first door opening up in me getting KU...elongating my lp phase. It didn't happen this month. I'm onto Month 6. That crucial time for us old hags that waited way too long to get on the baby bandwagon. At this point I'm supposed to contact my doctor. Not doing it. Giving it more time. Decided. I am looking into an OV watch. I think that might help me. So I am constantly scanning eBay for a good deal on one. But soon, I'll just give in and pay what I have to to make it happen. But mostly, for the moment, I'm simply folding my hands, bowing my head, and praying to God that my time is soon. Very, very soon.


  1. I will be praying for you!! I hope it happens soon! ;)

  2. I'm hoping cycle #6 is it for you! Go bid on that OV watch! Trista from the Bachelorette got PG by using it :)