Friday, February 27, 2009

Sliding into stupidity...

So I didn't take my temp the last two mornings. Like I'm going to punish my body for not working the way that I want it to! Hello Jr. High. I'm back! I'm only hurting myself. I'm only deflating the chance of getting pregnant this month. Dumb ass. So it's time to pick my attitude up off the floor, brush it off so that it's new and shiny again, and get back on track. Refocus and remember what I'm working towards. It's amazing, I have wanted this my whole life...and now that I have all the preliminary elements in place and ready to go...I'm going to sabatoge myself. I don't think so. So tomorrow, I'm back in the game. My head is on straight and I am focused. Ready to make Cycle #6 the magic number...and BFP a reality.

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