Friday, February 6, 2009

50 random things about me...

1. I am the middle child of 8 children.
2. I have 14 neices and nephews...ranging in age from 21 years old to 6 months old.
3. I met Jimmy on am embarassed about it.
4. I love nuts, but can't stand them in my food.
5. Jimmy forces me to try new things, and they usually end up being my favorites.
6. I am obsessed with wedding shows.
7. I truly believed that I would be single my whole life.
8. Prior to meeting Jimmy, I had started researching artificial insemination...I wanted a child even on my own!
9. James calling me "Momma" the first time is right up there with meeting Jimmy on my best days list.
10. I had gotten my nails done every other week since I was 16, but gave it up to save for baby.
11. I love to sleep in and lay in bed on my days off. Bonus if DH caters to me there.
12. Never cooked when I was single, but found out I'm damn good at it when I started cooking nightly for the boys.
13. I had the girliest house when I was single, but secretly love the masculine touches DH brings to my life.
14. I used to poo-poo sushi and now it's my all time favorite.
15. If I drink once a year, that's alot for me.
16. I love to blare my car radio and dance my ass off when I'm out and about.
17. I desperately want to be a SAHM.
18. I know God only gives you what you can handle, but he and I have to talk about his faith.
19. I wanted a little dog, we ended up with two beasts and they could not be more perfect.
20. I never imagined that some of my favorite conversations would be with a 6 year old.
21. I used to be such a night person and now I fall asleep on Jimmy's shoulder most nights.
22. I put love notes in Jimmy's lunch every day.
23. I LOVE heels, I think because I'm a shorty in a tall family. I wear them every day.
24. Sometimes I just stop and smile at my life and how blessed I am.
25. I am obsessed with jewelry, rings in particular. You would think I robbed a jewelry store.
26. I have very little hands. But a big butt.
27. I love singing in church. Whether in choir or just with the congregation.
28. I have four tattoos. Got every one of them with someone of importance (three with family) getting one too. One was drawn by a friend the night before he died.
29. I don't know if I'm more excited to be pregnant or to have a baby.
30. GP is my first message board ever and I can't get enough of it.
31. Some days I feel like I'm not living up to my potential.
32. I'm 36 years old and still don't know what I want to do with my life (vocaton wise).
33. I have eight piercings in my left ear and one in my right. I have my belly button pierced too.
34. I'm hoping one of the side effects to taking PNV is my hair growing longer...I want to hit my lower back (I'm at mid back now).
35. I still miss my Mimi every day even though she's been gone two years now.
36. I think my parents are amazing people and I hope to be half the parent they were.
37. I am thankful for everything I have lived through, good and bad, as they have made me the woman I am today...and I wouldn't change a thing.
38. I work in a converted garage and am the only female in my company.
39. I dropped out of college when I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cysts on my ovaries. It's my biggest regret in life.
40. I was engaged in my twenties and fled our house in the middle of the night. Taking nothing.
41. I've gotten up and watched the sun rise every Easter since I was 21. New beginnings.
42. My favorite color is yellow.
43. I am a published poet and copyrighted song writer.
44. My favorite food is Sesame Tuna in Kinky Sauce. I could live on it.
45. I try and get Jimmy to give me a massage every day. Most days I'm successful.
46. I love all music except gangsta rap...too angry and techno...not enough words.
47. My adopted sister is useless, but I maintain a relationship for my Mom's sake.
48. My first bra in 5th grade was a size C.
49. I was born with jaundice, dislocated hips and extra intestine.
50. I'm not allowed sugar, and I struggle with it every day.

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  1. Ohhh, I love the list! You are one cool lady! ;)