Monday, January 26, 2009


So, my new eye specialist put me on steriod eye drops. They seem to have affected my temps. So FF kept changing my fertile days and my O date. And of course when it finally nails down crosshairs for me, it's the worst possible scenario of all the options. So now my time and FF's timing are not so much in synch. So even though I am only in my two week wait, I feel as bummed out as if I already got AF. So now I have to wait for a month for my next O to even feel like I'm in the game. So frustrating! And at my age, they say to only wait 6 months instead of 1 year if you have not conceived, but are charting and such. But when you know about months like this should not be factored into the equation...what do you do with them. Just not count them?

I know that they say sperm can survive for as long as five days in your system (please little guys, be strong) I guess I have to just pray that Jimmy's are extremely long lived and hardy to thrive in this cycle!

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