Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, like pretty much everything else in my life, from the littles; what color polish should I put on my toes or what dessert should I the biggies; should I quit college when I found out I had cancer? or should I sign up for have become very Geminish about TTC.

We have Personality A, we'll call her Ah huh! And then we have Personality B, we'll call her But?

So Ah huh! says...your 36 years old! You can use all the help you can get. As Mom says, your not getting any younger. And you are getting into the baby making game kind of late.

But? says do you really need to know this much about your body and your cycle? Do you really need to know that your days between AF and O can vary, but your Luteal Phase really shouldn't. Do I really need to know what my tempeture is first thing in the morning? BEFORE I'VE EVEN PEED. Nothing should really happen in the a.m. before I'm allowed to pee!

Ah huh! says charting and checking EWCM and temps can only assist you in having your timing down so that you are making the most of each month. Not to mention if/when we have to go to the doctor we will have charts and facts to advise them as to what has been going on.

But? says charting causes stress and they have proven that stress causes fertility problems. How many woman do we personally know that have gotten pregnant as soon as they adopted and stopped putting pressure/stress on themselves about conceiving? Ah, adoption...there is a subject that I feel zero Geminism about. But that's another subject ::makes mental note to make next blog about adoption:: Anyway...back to But? And who says that we need to involve a doctor so soon? I know we're 36 and we need to get moving...but?

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