Thursday, January 15, 2009


I remember sitting in my first health class. Some nurse came in for the day and stood in front of all the girls, the boys were in another room with another nurse. We're all sitting there, fresh faced...feet swinging in our chairs. She proceeds to tell us all kinds of "facts" about sex and pregnancy. You can get pregnant your first time. You can get pregnant the same month you start your period. All it takes in one time! Now I know that these facts are correct, all you have to do is pop in at any high school and some junior highs to see it.

So how come it's been four months of taking my temperature, charting and getting my "timing" spot on. My chart is always "pretty" (as my GP girls say) and yet...still not pregnant.

It's certainly not my first time. I got my period in sixth grade. And there has been more than one time in the equation!! I just don't get it. I know all the parts work...we're doing it right. So what is wrong? What more can we do? Sigh

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  1. I wonder the same thing...

    ...and I would like my money back on birth control.