Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And as promised...

My thoughts on adoption. I am so pro-adoption! Go adoption...yippee!! Sorry, got alittle excited there ::reins self in:: I just think it's an amazing gift for everyone involved. I believe it in it general, I know so many people on both sides that have had wonderful experiences and life changing stories involving adoption. And personally, I would adopt even if I don't have TTC problems. I know that my ever vigilant Jimmy will not allow it. He's so fiscally focused, that if we have a child or children of our own...add in James...and Jimmy will say that we won't be able to afford college for all of them, and if you can't put them through college, you should not have them! Or so says Jimmy. So scratch adoption if we don't have any problems.

It's funny. Jimmy and I seemed to discuss almost every area regarding children when we were dating. From already existing ones to what we want in the future in regards to having them. How many, and how soon and so forth. But we never discussed adoption. I guess both of us just assumed that we would have children and adoption would never be an issue.

Then there was a GP poll regarding adoption. So I started thinking about it. I knew my feelings (GO ADOPTION!) but I had no idea how Jimmy felt. I know that he loves children. I know that I love James as if I had given birth to him. And he knows that and cherishes that. So why would he not be okay with it for us, if need be? So I asked him that night. Threw it out there. I had a picture in my head of bringing home a little Lebanese child. Orphaned during the war. And of course my amazing Baby was right there with me!

Every so predictable, stating that IF and only IF we could not have one of our own, he thinks adopting a child is a wonderful idea!

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  1. I am right there with you with my feelings regarding adoption. My aunt adopted 7 children..she's a crazy, but very generous woman! Today their ages are from 7-22. I come from a very small family, so I love that she added and enriched our lives with them!