Monday, March 1, 2010

OV Watch fail

So I got AF on Friday. Jimmy and I grabbed the OV Watch and read through the instructions. We insert the sensor and put the watch on. I hit the buttons it says and nothing. So Saturday morning Jimmy runs out and gets me a new battery. Comes home and puts it in. Try again, and bam...power!! So we put it on and program it for my CD2. Run the test, and it says NOT READING. We try every "trick" in the book and NOT READING. We try my other wrist, NOT READING. I try moving around and cleaning with it on. NOT READING. So Jimmy tries "playing" with the back and sensors. We try again. NOT READING. So I try calling Customer Service, the next step if you continue to get that reading. And of course, they are closed for the weekend. So I can't reach them till Monday, CD4 and one day too late to start the watch this cycle. HAH!! It just figures. This is why I never get excited about anything beforehand. Oh well. Maybe next cycle.

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  1. I love this post cause it sounds like something I would do.
    Do I have your permission to post your comment about sticky notes in my blog next week?