Thursday, March 11, 2010


that is my mood this ugly, overcast and yucky day. Woke up feeling lovely and am running with it. Got cross hairs. I'm 3DPO right now :) So fingers crossed. Getting pregnant this cycle would mean saving the RE money for the pregnancy/birth instead. Which is how I would much rather spend the money. Jimmy dropped a bomb on me. Told me that it might be him. Huh? You have could it be you? He said that him and Trash Bag were not avoiding for 3 years before she got pregnant. Hmm. Interesting. Not sure how or why...but I seem to have found my hope again. Thank you...I certainly missed it. It's a good friend to have around and I am thrilled to be surrounded by it again. How about you? Still have hope with you? No...come stand a little closer to me...I'll share mine!!

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  1. Crossing my fingers for a BFP for both of us! We are cycle twins, as I have (dotted but probably correct) CH that make me 3dpo too :)