Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Operation 2009

So I know that the doctor recommended that we wait a month for dating purposes and my mental well being. But I can't wrap my mind around waiting a month to make me feel better. Getting pregnant (and staying pregnant) will be the only thing that accomplishes that on this front. So I am going forward with our last 2009 pregnancy attempt. I should ovulate in the next day or two if history stands true. I have been jumping Jimmy every other day for the past week now. He's mighty happy and loving the end of the year :) Tonight we're up again. Then New Year's if I have not Oed as yet. Two nights ago I'm lighting all the candles and he gets up and starts pouring cereal. He asks me what I'm doing and I tell him that I had planned on seducing my man but he's too busy with his cereal. Luckily he made the right decision. So fingers crossed...and good luck to any other women sexing it up till the end of the year!!

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