Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FF Frustration

So FF has my O date in a range between CD9 and CD17. Um, yeah. So I have no idea of where my body is. How fun. The doctor had told me to wait a month before trying again. But I didn't want to throw a month away. So God's hands :) I have no idea when I Oed, but I know I did...so maybe, just maybe our timing will be good. Wouldn't that be lovely? It's funny though. I desperately want to go to Marc's wedding. But if I got pregnant now, I would be due around that time and traveling to NY would be off the table. Does it bother me at the thought of missing the wedding to be pregnant instead, not even for a blink of the eye. Jimmy says that my body will go into labor as soon as he leaves just for spite. He's the best man...so that would suck for him. But let's not count our chickens...

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